Eluca (イルカ iruka) is a playable character in one of the two starting couples in Chaos Rings. She is partnered with Zhamo.


Eluca is introduced as a strong young warrior who is extremely stubborn. In the beginning of the game, one would say she is almost a female version of Escher, a rash warrior with no time for other things. She is not delicate like Mana nor compassionate like Musiea, but she is in fact a very conflicted character.


Summoned by the Divine King to execute all those who defied him, Eluca was tasked with the duty of eliminating Zhamo's entire family because of a comment Zhamo's father had made. Executing all but Zhamo, it is at the moment where she is to decapitate Zhamo that both characters are transported to the Ark. During the time spent on the Ark, she frequently is at a inner conflict with herself regarding if she is doing the right thing by carrying out such executions. It is later revealed that when Eluca was a young girl, she had been scampering around the streets alone as an orphan. Zhamo's father then found her and took her under his wing, later even recommending Eluca to the Divine King as a suitable warrior. Therefore Eluca became like a daughter to Zhamo's family, forging a deep sibling bond with Zhamo. It is during the Ark in which she realizes that Zhamo has forgiven her of her deeds, not because she was the one guilty of their deaths, but because it was the Divine King who ordered their demises. Although she carried out the executions, Zhamo insightfully points out that she could not have done otherwise, else she would also suffer the same fate. After coming to terms with herself, Zhamo informs her that he is to change the world into greater good by becoming the Divine King himself, which Eluca pledges her loyalty to.

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  • She is voiced by Sayaka Ohara.
  • The art book that was included with the limited edition release of Chaos Rings III: Prequel Trilogy lists her age as 23 years old, her height as 191 cm, and her blood type as A.
  • In Chaos Rings II, reading certain documents in the Home area will reveal that Escher and Eluca were participants in the 8th Rite of Resealing, with Escher as the Nominator and Eluca as a Pillar. Whether they are the same characters is unknown, but they are probably not the same as the two could not exist in the same timespace after the events of Chaos Rings.
  • A palette swap cameo of Eluca appears in Chaos Rings Ω as an optional fight in Extra Mode.
  • In Chaos Rings III, there is a subquest (Item: Mighty Happy Face) in which Eluca requests the player for some items.